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Travel guidelines for club sports teams include the following:

  1. A Registration for Travel Form must be turned into the Coordinator of Club Sports or the Club Sports Programmer by the Wednesday preceding weekend travel. Three working days are required for trips beginning during the week.
  2. Teams are responsible for all travel costs.
  3. Teams must comply with all University polices while traveling.
  4. University buses are available upon request (if available) at a cost to the team.
  5. Penalties for failure to turn in a Travel Form are as follows:
    1. 1st Offense: Written warning from the Coordinator of Club Sports.
    2. 2nd Offense: The Club Sports Council will vote on monetary fines to be drawn from the teams allocated funds.

***Clubs that do not turn in a Travel Form on time, exceeding two times during a semester, will face consequences that the Council deems necessary and appropriate.

University Vehicle Policy

Clubs may request a University vehicle for club travel under the following procedures.

  1. The Club must provide a full-time University employee to drive a university car or 10 passenger van. If the club is unable to provide a qualified driver, they may hire a motor pool driver at the rate of $20/ hour of driving time, or $.48 per mile whichever is greater. If staying overnight, the Club must provide the driver with a hotel room and a daily per diem of $32 per day. The motor pool driver cannot drive more than eight hours at a time with out a four-hour break.
  2. The Club will pay the rate of $12/ hour of driving time, or $.48 per mile whichever is greater
  3. No other person besides the qualified driver will be able to drive the vehicle at any time.
  4. Clubs may reserve vehicles through the Coordinator of Club Sports.

Officer Travel Checklist

Three Days Before the Trip:

  • Call Tournament/Show/Race Organizer or Opponent to reconfirm time and place. Get Directions!
  • Turn in Travel Form with Social Security Numbers and drivers' information to Club Sports Office.
  • Arrange meeting place and time for your team to depart.
  • Collect proper forms, tournament flyer, receipt for entry fee, officials' contracts (if needed).


  • Make sure each driver has the cell phone numbers of the other drivers (if available).
  • Make sure each driver has directions to the event and phone number of contact person. Don't just follow each other, cars can easily be separated.

At the Event:

  • Pay entry fee and collect receipt and flyer from tournament (if not already done).
  • Collect an itemized hotel receipt (if applicable).

Returning to Campus:

  • Contact Dave Hutchison or the Executive Officers with an update of how your team did.
  • Make sure your accounts are up-to-date and that you record any checks you wrote or money collected. Place any receipts from the trip with the receipts from the semester.
  • Write your sponsors with an update on how you did. Write a press release for local media. Update the team's website.

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