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Vice President/Co-Captain

Many people think that the Vice-President really doesn't do anything, a figure head with very few duties. And in some clubs they would be correct, because the president does everything. However, the V.P. is not a position for sitting back and letting the president make all key decisions, schedule all the games and call everyone about a change in the schedule. This is not politics; this is club sports. You are just as responsible for your team's success as the president.

It is your job to work with the other officers to ensure that the team's tasks are getting done and goals are met. Maybe your president is good at motivation, but not so good at kee;ing track of paperwork. Maybe as V.P. you can try and compliment your president's skills so that together you are getting the job done. Maybe your president doesn't motivate the team well, but you are good at that. Try and find a way to use your best skills while not overlappin gwith other officer's skills. Work toward balancing out what you like to do with what needs to happen.

You may not be the "head cheese" but you are skill an important leader on your team. You must take initiative to make your team better. If you see a need for something to be done, don't wait for the president to do it, go after it! V.P.'s are often the most effective when they see themselves as a co-captain or co-president rather than as a subordinate.

Your duties can include (but not exclusively):

  • Working closely with the president in coordinating organization activities.
  • Presiding over team meetings and business during the president's absense.
  • Assuming all duties of the president in the event the president cannot complete his/her term.
  • All of the president's responsibilities

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