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Club Forms

All hard copy forms should be filled out completely by an officer and turned in to the SRC Main office, brought to a Club Sports Council Meeting to turn in, or E-mailed to Erin with the form in an attachment. 

All online forms should be filled out completely by an officer and should be followed-up on to see if the office received it. It is ultimately up to the team to make sure the information is delivered completely and on-time to the CS Office.

Club Sports not only competes on the fields as athletes, but students administratively manage their own teams! This requires good organization and knowledge of the program in order maintain the opportunity to compete as a Club Sport. Below is some vital information on each form. This is not all inclusive, so if you have questions, make sure to contact your Club Executive!

A list of forms is on the left hand side of this page.

Form Explanations:

Team Medical/Informed Consent Forms (MICs):

MICs must be filled out online and kept on file for every Club Sport Athlete prior to practice & competition. *MICs are only official once received and recorded on file; failure of internet system/website to work is not an acceptable excuse. *A good way to double check if you forms are in is to see if you are on the travel form!

If any information on this form changes, a new one must be submitted with the updated information.

All Presidents have copies of the MICs in their email to provide information in the event there is an emergency during practice/competition.

This is a two-part process: online and hard copy must be submitted to the Club Sports Office prior to participation.

Travel Forms:

During any travel off campus, representing the team requires turning in a travel form.

Turn in travel forms three business days prior to travel competitive travel. Travel forms for off campus practice may be submitted the day of.

Anyone not listed on the form means we do not have their MIC on file.

It is the Club Team's responsibility to make sure everyone who is traveling with them is a valid Club Sport member.

Only use the hard copy if the online submission form is down.

Hosting Event/Club Sports Meeting:

Facility Request forms must be submitted electronically to the Assistant Director for Club Sports 10 business days (two weeks) prior to single/minor event/SRC Meeting Room requested dates and 20 business days (four weeks) prior to multiple team/larger event request dates.

Requests will receive a confirmation or declination email from the Assistant Director for Club Sports

Events MUST meet with the Assistant Director for Club Sports a week prior to event

Game Contracts must be turned in, completed, to Activity Supervisor on site prior to competition.

New Officer Submission Form:

Notify the Club Sports Office if there is a change in leadership. Due dates are set at the end of elections.

For the Club to recognize a change of leadership outside election time, the New Officer Submission form is due ASAP (with minutes of the meetings involved) with the replacement of the officer.

Budget Points:

Must be filled out prior to attending a bi-annual budget point meeting with your Club Executive

Club Forms:

Club Team Roster: Office Roster submitted by each Club prior to season. Due dates set at the beginning of each semester. Kept on file at the Club Sports Office.

Officers Affidavit Form: Officers must sign and turn into office at the beginning of their serving term. Final due dates are set. Kept on file at the Club Sports Office.

Semester Report Form: Must be completed and turned in at Budget Point meeting to the Club Sports Office.

Coaches Forms:

Coaches Form: Required of teams who choose to have coaches that wish to be recognized. Must be turned in by the start date of the Coach and kept on file at the Club Sports Office.

Coaches Code of Conduct Form: Required of teams who choose to have coaches that wish to be recognized by the Club Sports Program. Must be turned in at the start date of the Coach & kept on file in the Club Sports Office.

Publicity Forms:

Club Sports Newspaper Template: Suggested template used for the bi-montly Club Sports Illustrated.

Club Sports Awards:

Club Sports Awards: Submissions are limited to one team and the specific due date will be set at the end of the Spring Semester prior to the social.

CSIL Monthly Marvels: Awards given to Clubs from CSIL.

Petition to be Added as a Varsity Sport: Teams wishing to petition ASU Athletics to receive Varsity status.

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