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Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is a Club Sport?

It is a student-run, student-funded organization which competes with other schools at the club and junior varsity level.  The time commitment is not as strenuous as Varsity athletics, however we do represent App State competitively. All Club teams are recognized by Student Engagement & Leadership.

2. Who can participate?

You must be enrolled in six or more credit hours and pay your student activity fee. Faculty and Staff are also welcome to participate with the understanding different leagues/conferences may not allow for them to compete. Graduate students are also welcome with the same stipulations (must be enrolled at in at least six credit hours and paying activity fees). **Most leagues/conferences allow only undergraduates in good academic standing to participate.

3. What is the time commitment?

On average, practice is 2-3 times a week, in the evening with games/events on some weekends.  You can participate both in fall and spring. It is recommended teams travel to compete at least twice a semester, but not limited per Club Sports. Most teams belong to a conference/governing body.

4. How much does it cost to participate?

Depends on what team you would like to join. All teams have dues ranging anywhere from $25 - $1500.

5. How competitive is it?

No experience is necessary. Teams will teach you the skills needed, however it is a competitive atmosphere.

6. Are there cuts?

No. However, it is not guaranteed you will play. Teams have their own policies about competition participation outlined and communicated at the beginning of each semester.

7. Do I need my own equipment?

Personal equipment: yes. Other equipment is dependent upon on what the team has accumulated over the years for additional/ practice equipment.

8. What teams do we have?

Visit the “teams” tab for the most current list of teams! We do offer women's, men's and co-rec sports teams.

9. Why is there not a “ .......... “ team?

Because we are waiting on you to start it! ASU students are the driving force behind establishing new club teams.

10. How can you make your club a club sport?

Come meet with the Assistant Director of UREC - Club Sports and they will give you all the information and/ or you can visit the website. Click for the Procedure for Affiliation

11. Where do teams practice and compete?

On Campus: State Farm Fields, Student Recreation Center, Quinn and some Varsity facilities

Off Campus: Anywhere they can find space

12. Are there coaches?

It is up to the team and/ or league.

13.  How far do we travel?

Most of the teams are in a mid-atlantic type conference: North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, etc. For post conference play, we have had teams travel as far west as Oregon.

14. How are Club Sports funded?

Through student activity fees from ASU and team dues. Our teams are self-sufficient and do a lot of fundraising.

15. Who runs the Club Sports program?

Club Sports are run by the Club Sports Council, led by three Executive Officers - all students, and advised by one professional staff member.

16. How do you contact us?

Email us at Our offices are located in the Student Recreation Center and meetings are available upon request. If you have team specific questions, you should contact the officers of that team, located here on the website.

Contact Us

Student Recreation Center
150 Bodenheimer Drive
Boone, NC 28608

UREC Hotline - (828) 262-UREC
(for game schedules and cancelations)
SRC Console: (828) 262-8704
Quinn Rec Center: (828) 262-3035

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