Illustrated Submission Tips

1. Write your article

  • Articles should be formated:
    • 1-1.5 pages long
    • Double spaced
    • 12 point font
    • Arial or Times New Roman
    • Word document
  • Articles should include:
    • Title of your article
    • Author's name
    • Author's position on team
  • Generic prompts may include:
    • What are you most looking forward to this season?
    • What made you want to join your team?
    • Does your team have a rival? How did that originate?
    • Do you have a favorite memory of being on your team?
    • How have you seen your team grow since you joined it?
    • Where would you like to see your team in a year?
  • Check your spelling before submitting the article
  • Save article as SPORT_DATE.doc
    • Example:  MENS_SOCCER_AUG26.doc

2. Choose your photos

  • Submit 2-5 photos that relate to your article
  • Submit photos that tell a story
  • Photos must have photographer name associated with it 
  • Photos must be high resolution
  • Do not put the photos in the word documet itself

3. Submit Your Article

  • Articles are due by the Tuesday before the Illustrated is published at 5pm
  • Submit by AppSync>Club Sports Council>Forms>Club Sports Illustrated Submission Form OR Here
  • If your submission is sent in late, your article may not be published in that the Illustrated
  • Direct any questions, comments, & concerns to

Download: How To Submit An Article


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