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Please read the letter below and then fill out the ENTIRE form.

Welcome to Appalachian State University Club Sports. We are excited to have you be part of the program. This year, we have 23 active Club teams working to improve competitively on the field/court as well as continue to positively promote and make aware the accomplishments within the program. We look forward to continuing on the positive ASU legacy and tradition of each team with each year.

The Club Sports program is one of six programs within University Recreation, a division of Student Development and has one professional staff member devoted to providing support, mentorship and act as a resource to all 700+ Club Sports athletes. Our 23 clubs are offered within the 300 clubs & organizations on Appalachians campus. We are excited to be able to offer the 16,000 students at ASU the opportunity to continue to compete in a sport & interest they are passionate about.

ASUs Club Sports program cannot be compared identically to other Club Sports programs or to Varsity Athletics programs. It is important that each participant understands the purpose of the club sport teams and know that it is much different than competing in intramurals and much different than being a varsity team. Varsity teams are fully funded and provided their own fields, daily practices, coaches, tutoring, travel buses, and medical staff. Club Sports teams do not have any of these resources provided for them by Appalachian. There simply is not enough money in the budget to be able to support two athletic departments therefore resulting in not being all things to all students who participate in the Club Sports program. Club Sports athletes/supporters who feel as if their Club is not receiving the support or amenities they should, should consider the decision of playing on a Varsity team either at Appalachian or another institution.

The sole purpose of club sports is not to just be a competitive team. The club sports program exists to provide students the opportunity to grow as leaders and take their own initiative to create a successful season. Leadership which comes from organizing a team/club, managing practices and a budget, working to locate spaces for practices/games as well as alternative spaces, delegating duties and responsibilities to other club member, working to develop/grow new members and overcoming obstacles. Staff is in place for support, not to solve the problems of each individual and team. Success within the club sports program is measured by much more than the score at the end of a game, match, or race.

The program is driven by the students for the students at large. The Club Sports Council governs the program under the guidelines set forth by the Council as well as Appalachian State University. Student Fees are collected from every student on campus which is where funding for the Club Sports program, Fraternity/Sorority program and other organizations are generated. The total amount of money for the program is determined once a year and then allocated to each team based on a Budget Points system developed by the Club Sports Council. The points are based on the activity of the club the previous year.

State Farm Fields, the Student Recreation Center and the Quinn Recreation Center are available to use for practice and competitions. We share these facilities not only amongst ourselves, but also with University Recreation. Due to our regional climate, we are often forced inside along with the rest of the student body. You as a participant of the program are asked to be understanding of this situation.

Being a part of the Club Sports program is a unique and wonderful opportunity to leave your legacy at Appalachian State University. The hard work of your predecessors has brought the program to where it is today and it is now your responsibility to keep the momentum up and build upon what is already here. The program is now your legacy to leave. We are excited to make it happen through adapting to our environment and conquering.

Please let us know how we can help you become a better student through Appalachian State Universitys Club Sports program.

Have a great season!

Erin C. Sanders, Assistant Director for Club Sports & University Recreation Staff

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Phone: (828) 262-2100
UREC Hotline (828) 262-UREC
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SRC Console: (828) 262-8704
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A department of UREC in the division of Student Affairs.

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