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Sponsorship Letter Example

Mr. Bob Smith
High Country Ski Mountain
1006 Beechwood Drive
Hinton, North Carolina 28604
January 10, 2004

Dear Mr. Smith,

My name is Lucas McGill, president of the Appalachian State University Club Ice Hockey Team. This is our third year as a club on campus. During this time we have gone from a few interested players to a real club ice hockey team that is capable of competing against schools like UNC-CH, Wake Forest, Liberty University to name a few. In the previous seasons we competed in a men’s league in Spruce Pine, NC. This year we are committed to transitioning from local to intercollegiate play. We are proud to represent the high country as the only organized University Club Ice Hockey team.
The team and I are attempting to raise some much-needed funds to help us train and compete against other universities within our region. As you can imagine with the cost of ice rentals, travel, and equipment we have a high overhead for a non-varsity sport, and our budget is very small. We are conducting a fundraiser on campus this January to not only raise revenue, but also awareness of our presence on campus. We would like to raffle off a season pass (or a couple of day passes) to your ski area as well as some professional sports tickets that have been donated to our cause.
I understand the season pass is very expensive and that you don’t give them out to just anybody who solicits your company. In return for your sponsorship (at whatever level you choose) we would place a banner advertising your ski area in a prominent student flow area where we will be conducting our fundraiser for two weeks. In addition we will advertise our fundraiser on flyers showing your logo all over campus. We would also be willing to silk screen your logo on our jerseys. I would like to suggest that we reach some sort of mutually beneficial agreement that might help us both out. Perhaps we could purchase the pass at a discount that would not cost you anything, this way you lose nothing and gain some campus visibility.
It is clear through your value pass and student pass that you have made a commitment to the young people of the high country. I hope we can offer the opportunity to extend that commitment further. Thank you very much for considering this proposal. I would welcome the opportunity to discuss the matter at greater length.


Lucas McGill
President, ASU Ice Hockey Club Team
ASU Box 17723
Boone, NC 28608
(828) 266-8860

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