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Budget Information

Team Finances

The members of each club sports team are primarily responsible for the financial support of their team. Self-support is an essential principle for the Club Sports Program, and each team must make every effort possible to raise funds for its program. This can be accomplished by assessing annual dues and sponsoring fundraising activities.

It is essential for your organization to practice sound fiscal policies that reflect the integrity of your leadership.

University Policies

  1. All clubs and organizations must have a checking account with a banking institution opened under the team's Employer Identification Number, to be disclosed to the Club Sports program to keep on file.
  2. All financial accounts (e.g., checking, savings, CD's, etc.) in the organization's name, or into which revenue generated by the organization is deposited, must have two signatures required for withdrawals.
  3. Written financial statements must be provided to the membership on a regular basis (minimum of twice a semester).
  4. All expenses should be paid by check; those requiring cash payments must show verified receipts on file as proof of payment.
  5. Teams must follow the allocation procedures outlined in their constitutions for the dispersal of their funds.

Funding Allocation Procedures

This program helps you develop your team. Rather than focusing on the details of reimbursement, allocation will allow you to make better plans with your University financial support. Previously clubs needed to have the money up front to pay an entry fee (or other expense) and then waited for a reimbursement check from the school. This put the club members in the awkward position of either writing bad checks while hoping for the reimbursement to come in on time, or putting hotels and entry fees for the club on one member's credit card. Neither of these are sound financial practices that the Club Sports Program wants to impart to its student athletes.

Point System

Teams will be rewarded for developing their programs through a point incentive system. Clubs will receive a certain number of points based upon their performance, recruitment, fund-raising, publicity, etc. from the previous year. Teams are required to put together a proposal and give supporting documentation for each criterion at the end of the year. In addition teams must account for budget money spent, through verified receipts. For any media coverage, they simply submit a copy of the newspaper article or videotape of the television spot. Each team will present to the Club Council their proposal for funding and meet with the Coordinator of Club Sports and Club Programmer to review the proposal.

After all clubs have finished and validated their points, a total number of points is determined. A value is placed on each point by dividing the total number of points into the total Club Sport's budget. Each team's budget is then equal to the number of points they received for the previous year. These criteria would apply to both Olympic Development Teams and regular club teams.

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