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Coaching is a very important issue in Club Sports. Because each club is student-run, each must decide how to coach the team. Some presidents act as their team's coach, organizing practice and scheduling the games, deciding positions and starters. Some clubs hire an instructor to act as their coach, like the Equestrian team. Still others make coaching decisions as a group, rather than rely on one person. It is up to your club to decide how you want to do this. If you wish to designate one officer to act as the coach of your team, here are some guidelines to keep in your mind.

Coaching duties may include (but not exclusively):

  • Planning the season, i.e., conditioning, training and competition.
  • Running practice, i.e., warm up, drills, scrimmage, training routes, etc.
  • Making player decisions, i.e., who starts, who substitutes in, who are your key players, who is the sprinter, who anchors the relay, game strategy, etc.

As a coach you should allow the other officers to manage the team, collect dues, schedule games, keep up on paperwork, raising funds, etc. Coaches should focus on the physical aspects of their sport, rather than the business of the club.

Using an interested faculty or staff member in this position could be very positive. We have many faculty and staff members who have a certain expertise in your sport, but don't have the time to play the role of a head coach. That is, she or he can't be bothered with scheduling, raising money or other tasks that a full-time coach would do. However, she or he might be interested in working with your team a couple of times a week and going to games. Finding this person is as easy as getting to know your professors. Or the Club Coordinator can help you identify an interested faculty or staff person. The coach does not necessarily need to be your faculty/staff advisor.

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