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As president, you are the, chief administrator, the "head cheese," the "point person" of your club. You are ultimately responsible for making sure everything gets done. However, you are not responsible for those tasks delegated to other officers. Far too often the president ends up doing everything for the club because others have dropped the ball. Don't settle for this! It is not your job to do everything yourself. Use your position as a leader to encourage others to accomplish tasks. Instead of chewing someone out who is putting off his or her work, try saying something like, "Hey I'm not trying to nag you, but if we don't get this paperwork in, we won't have any money to go down to the big tournament." Give rewards and words of encouragement when your officers accomplish their tasks and exceed expectations. This position can be difficult and sometimes it feels like you're doing everything and nobody else is helping. Just remember that it's not a sign of weakness to ask for help; it is a sign of weakness to try and do everything yourself and do nothing well.


  • Serving as the liaison between the team and the University Recreation Club Sports Office.
  • Informing team officers and members of all information pertaining to club sports.
  • Assuring that your team is complying with the rules and regulations of Appalachian State University.
  • Verifying that all required paperwork is on file and up-to-date.
  • Presiding over team meetings.
  • Overseeing team's budget and facility requrests (both practice and competitions).
  • Assuring that the team has a representative at each Club Sports Council Meeting.
  • Assuring that the team's financial obligations are being met.
  • Familiarize new officers with the routines and guidelines for team operation.
  • Overseeing the team's End-of-Semester and Annual reports.
  • Holding elections as stipulated in the team's constitution.
  • Possessing extra (blank) copies of the required medical and injury report forms.
  • Keeping Emergency Contact forms with you at all team functions.
  • Recruiting new members for your team.


As president it is also your responsibility to be the chief motivator of your team. Instead of just wishing you could do something, actively pursue the change you want to make. Try and find new ways to develop enthusiasm among your teammates. The best way to do this is to keep yourself highly motivated and involved.

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