Medical Info and Consent Forms (MIC's)

Every Club Sport's participant must fill out an MIC each year. This includes BOTH new and returning participants. Students must fill out an MIC prior to any participation or travel with a team.

The MIC is a three-part process:

  1. Click on your team name, fill out the required information, click submit.
  2. Click on the link, print off the .pdf, fill out completely and submit to the Club Sports Office located in the UREC Offices within the Student Recreation Center.
  3. Join your team's portal on AppSync.  If you're unsure on how to do this, ask one of your officers!

*Miss the link? Here it is again! MIC Hard Copy - To Be Returned to the Club Sports Offices

For participants who are members of multiple teams, you must fill out an MIC for each team you are participating with.

Alpine Ski MIC Women's Rugby Team MIC
Archery MIC Men's Soccer MIC
Baseball Team MIC Women's Soccer Team MIC
Women's Basketball Team MIC Snowboarding Team MIC
Climbing Team MIC Swim Team MIC
Cycling Team MIC Tennis Team MIC
Equestrian Team MIC Triathlon Team MIC
Fencing Team MIC Men's Ultimate Team MIC
Ice Hockey Team MIC Women's Ultimate Team MIC
Men's Lacrosse Team MIC Men's Volleyball Team MIC
Women's Lacrosse Team MIC Women's Volleyball Team MIC
Men's Rugby Team MIC  

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