Club Sports

The Club Sports Program is designed to meet the competitive athletic desires of students, faculty and staff of Appalachian State University. Many student athletes choose Club Sports because their sport is not offered through the varsity or intramural sports programs, or they do not wish to make the time commitment necessary for a varsity sport.

Unlike intramural sports, Club Sports competes against other institutions of higher education from the local and regional area on a non-varsity level. Each Club Sports Team is a registered student organization that provides instruction, organizes practice and schedules competition in a specific sport. As a student organization each team is administered, developed and coached by students on that team.

Teams may have larger or fewer members based on the level of interest in that sport. Club Sports are partially funded through the University, and no athletes are on scholarships. Our athletes play for the love of the game and the lasting relationships established with their teammates.


The Club Sports Illustrated




2014 Club Sports Photo Comp Winner

Cycling Team
Title: Yosef Rides Bikes
Photographer: Zeb King
Subject: Zeb Ramsbotham
Location: Watha, NC
Event: UNCW Road Race

The Clubs Sports Program is a part of University Recreation, a division of Student Development at Appalachian State University and recognized by the Center for Student Involvement and Leadership.